My name is Tim and I named my van Floki

I have avoided doing any kind of Van build video for a number of reasons.

1. The biggest reason is because there are so many videos about this already, it’s a lot of work, and few people will probably see it.

2. I have zero build skills

3. I have even worse planning skills

What is the most important thing in a Van build?

I don’t think how fancy you build, or how much money you are able to put into your build, is the most important consideration.

What I think matters more, is having everything you need to be comfortable on the road.

For most of us, we figure that out as we travel.

When I was much younger, and started traveling in a van, I did not have much more then a bed, a chemical toilet, and a heater, because I lived in Lake Tahoe where it could get very cold when I would camp in it.

I had many a great memories in that van for about 10 years, and I paid $1800 for it.

It does not matter what your build ends up being, as long as you have what you need.

As long as you have that, it becomes more about where it can take you, and the comfort of having what you need, anywhere you are.

If anyone happens to watch this and would like me to elaborate on anything I chose for mine, I will be happy to share that.

I also run a Vanlife website if you are interested, where I try and post information that will answer your questions, and give you ideas.

I also plan on sharing my own adventures and hopefully connecting with you on the road.

My website and social media are almost all under the name FlokisVanLife, so I am easy to find online.

I also have a lot of graphics on my van to make it easy to see me on the road, because I hope people will think, that looks like a fun rig, and come say hi.

Here is a short video on my van.

I hope you enjoy it.

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