Why the name Floki?

My van is named after the colorful and funny character from the hit TV series “Vikings” and Floki is a shipbuilder and adventurer and would surely be in the vanlife today.

I have been doing the “VanLife” before it was called that. I started out living in a car at one point, and moved up to a van later. I have also done the travel trailer thing, and have travelled in luxurious RV’s. I can honestly say that my current Van is the best for the style of travel that I like to do.

Even though there are an incredible number of sites and social media regarding this popular trend, I discovered that I have some unique perspectives on doing this lifestyle, especially since I am an older VanLifer at 65. In my mind, I am about 25, but my body keeps bringing me back to reality!

I also decided to post videos and other content so that when I run into fellow travelers, they might know who I am.

Being an older vanlifer, I can’t post cute pictures of myself, to “entice” people to watch my video., I don’t have the patience and equipment to produce the cinematic videos you may have already come across, but I promise you will appreciate the tips and information I provide. Some of this content will be challenges us older vanlifers face.

I hope you will follow my adventures and give me input on your own, and please subscribe to my content. As most of you know already, you have to get at least 1000 subscribers before you accomplish much.

If you read all of this to the end, I thank you and look forward to seeing you on the road.

I also am a fan of pirate stuff and the spirit of adventure they imply.

“Wherever we want to go, we go. That’s what a van is, you know.

It’s not just a wheels and hull and a deck and solar.

That’s what a van needs.

What FlokisVanLife really is, IS FREEDOM!”