Audio and Music for VanLife

by | Sep 1, 2021 | Apps, VanLife Tech | 0 comments

Besides the Vanlife podcasts I listed on the site, there are a couple of things I have found help, especially when in noisy places.

The first one is to use an app of your choice that plays the type of audio you want. It might be a “binaural” audio or sometimes called “brainwaves”. These are not only great at relaxing you, but they can help drown out the outside world. There are so many of these I won’t list them here, but let me just tell you my favorite is an app called “Portal” The main thing I look for are apps that allow playing audio offline so they still work when I have no signal. I am not including any obvious music such as YouTube, Spotify, your music player, and so forth, and am only addressing apps that run on your device.

There are a ton of meditation apps but most of those require a pretty expensive subscription.

Portal on the App Store

I have been using this Binaural Beats app for years and I personally like these, you may not.