EBike battery

I recently decided to test charging my Ecotric 48V battery that had only been discharged between 1/4 and 1/2 capacity, off of my Bluetti AC200P portable power station. I also charged it in the early evening so there was probably no wattage coming in from my solar panels. I figured since I only used about 1/4 of the battery, I figured it would be no big deal.

I was quite surprised when the next morning my Bluetti had been drained down to only 2% left! This is the lowest my Bluetti has ever been discharged.

Because I was charging when no solar input was available, I was not completely surprised, but it was still puzzling. I am pretty sure that depending on how much solar my panels will generate that charging the EBike will be no problem, but I will test that another day.

One really great thing I learned is that both my solar panels are working. I was not so sure of this before, because I rarely saw wattage coming in above 200. When I charged the next day, I saw 545 Watts coming in from my solar panels, and I was back at 💯 in no time!

I will only recharge my EBike when there is plenty of energy coming in from my panels. Your setup may be different, and it would be interesting for anyone to share there setup and experience with recharging their EBike.

Ecotric Fat Tire 48V EBike

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