Clothing For VanLife

Recommendations and Tips

When I say VanLife Clothing, I don’t intend on talking about what to bring, what to pack, how to clean, or any of those topics, because there is already a ton of information on this, and it tends to be personal to each type of vanlifer.

What I am going to recommend here, are clothes specifically designed for VanLife/ and or Outdoor Life.

A perfect example of this is a company called “Unbound Merino”

I will also list other companies that sell wool clothing, because this has been recommended by so many vanlifers and outdoor enthusiasts, and I tried it myself.

Now, I will warn you it is pretty expensive, but holy cow does it work good! You owe it to yourself to try and least one article of clothing and give it a try for yourself.

Check out this Pinterest board from Chasing the Wild Goose about Minimalist Wardrobe-Van Life Clothing

Tips on Packing

Controlling Smells

What to Bring

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