I cannot imagine a worse feeling, than going to get in your rig, only to find it has been stolen! OMG, that would be so devastating! Not only your vehicle, but for many of us, our home, and everything we own!

With the use of cameras and GPS trackers, you might at least have a chance at recovering your rig. Did you know that stolen vehicles are shipped overseas quite often? This is important because not all trackers have worldwide coverage.

I have been following and testing GPS tracker technology for some time now. There are so many choices now that it can be difficult to get the right one. I have learned from my testing, that there are some specific things you should look for, especially when it comes to the ability to recover or track a stolen vehicle, which is what we all buy them for.

Some of the things I recommend looking for are as follows:

Battery Backup Life. Not only on the units that are meant to be re-charged, but also on the units such as ODB, so when the vehicle is turned off, they will transmit location info for an adequate amount of time.

Recovery mode for locating stolen rig. This is a feature that contacts the device, and it “wakes up” and shows you where it is. This is a big one if it is on battery, or the vehicle has been turned off.

Immobilize capability. Ability to locate and render your rig dead with the simple press of a button!

Some folk’s only option is an ODB style for ease of hookup. The drawbacks of this are; Thieves will probably look here first, and the signal quality tends not to be as good as the units that go on the underside of the vehicle because they use reflective technology to improve accuracy.

Audio capabilities. The ones I have looked at allow you to contact the device with your phone, and listen in.

Subscription Cost. This is misleading on the ones that say. “No Monthly Cost” because as far as my research showed, it just means a yearly cost for those, which works out the same as a subscription.

GPS signal quality. A company called Swiss Track says a better signal is obtained because of reflection from the ground. I am also looking into another unit that is looking good from a company called “Orchid Black”

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