Help Floki.

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I am starting a new online presence for a new venture of mine called “FlokisVanLife” which is going to be my #VanLife adventures, news, and information about doing the #VanLife that many of you have probably heard of.

One of the things I really need is on YouTube, I need 1000 Subscribers and that can be hard to achieve so I am asking my friends and family to please “Subscribe” to me new FlokisVanLife YouTube channel. I also have all the other typical social media account for this, such as a Facebook Page.

I figure if I can’t get my friends and family to subscribe, I might be doing something wrong.

For those of you that do not yet have a YouTube account, I will include how to get one. Everybody should have one, even if you don’t plan on creating your own content.

Here is a splendid video to help you create a “Google” account, which everyone should have.