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Websites listing properties you could own to have a permanent place to park when needed.

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The epidemic really brought this issue up, for a lot of vanlifers. Where to go when SHTF! This is a great idea for not only individuals, but groups of vanlifers. Kind of like a timeshare, or maybe not even neccessary, if the land could accomodate all owners at the same time if needed?

I have been doing a lot of property videos in Nevada recently and there seems to be a lot of land people could buy for a spot to go when needed. Like during the shutdowns, repairs, or whatever. I have worked with one land reseller in particular and his website is LandOneDemand.US


Buying Land and Living in an RV: The American Dream

Van-Lifers Struggle to Find Shelter

Van-Lifers Struggle to Find Shelter

This was one of my favorite properties I did for him because of the awesome song choice to go with it!