You could own Property or a Tiny Home for Van Life?

Have a permanent place to park when building, recuperating, or just needing a break.

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The epidemic brought this issue up, for a lot of vanlifers. Where to go when SHTF! This is a great idea for individuals and groups of vanlifers. Kind of like a timeshare, or maybe not even necessary, if the land could accommodate all owners at the same time if needed? These properties are an amazing value and could provide ample land for individuals, or entire communities of #VanLife groups.

Some folks might even want something like a tiny home as a more permanent place when needed and this company is one of the best options I have seen for “Tiny Homes”

aux box Inc.

Modular prefab units

delivered to your backyard

LandOnDemand Site

Contact Brian at LandOnDemand for any questions about these properties or any other he has.

Boxabl Casita

Reserve your very own Casita. $1000 and they are advertising at only $250 per/month!

Want something even more affordable, and/or portable? Check out these JUPE DWELLINGS!

Jupe Dwelling

Jupe Bed

Buying Land and Living in an RV: The American Dream

Van-Lifers Struggle to Find Shelter

Van-Lifers Struggle to Find Shelter

This was one of my favorite properties I did for him because of the awesome song choice to go with it!