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I have been investigating and testing “Safety” and “Emergency” apps on smartphonesw for at least 10 years, and in that time I have found no better, or more complete solution for getting help in any situation using a device everyone already has with them.

The biggest thing that sets this app apart from all others, is the thought that has gone into every scenario you can imagine that people have asked about over the years and implementing a solution for their concerns.

An example is “What if I drop my device, or it is taken from me”?


“What if I am just scared, and just want to let someone know” Everyones first thought is probably a call to 911 or their countries “Code” But many times folks might just be scared, or are just witnessing something suspicious. This app solves all of these, and many more scenarios you probably have not even thought of yet.

Very few people give much thought to this topic, until it is too late, and even the ones who do will never try and/or test what they would do in a situation. Believ me, the worst time, is when something is happening.

Parachute is for independent individuals who take their safety very seriously and are looking for the best their phone can do for them in an emergency

Parachute uses your phone’s sensors to continuously record video, audio and location data during an emergency. Your evidence is then saved away from your phone, so it’s safe even if your phone is lost, taken or destroyed

Parachute simultaneously texts, calls and emails your emergency contacts and sends them your live video, audio and location. This lets them see exactly what’s happening and react accordingly. Parachute shows you the live status of each alert that was sent out so you can see how many texts, emails and phone calls have been successfully received

Parachute is the app that brought livestreaming to personal safety when it launched in 2015. It is the winner of the TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2015 Hackathon and has been featured in the App Store, TechCrunch, Wired, CSI: Cyber, CNBC, Fox and more

Parachute in the News

We use Parachute ourselves every single day, and so do our friends and loved ones. We put the same care into Parachute that we expect for ourselves and our families

Parachute is designed to not stop recording until you explicitly end the incident or the battery runs out. Unlike your phone’s camera, accidentally touching the screen while recording will not blur the focus or stop recording. Unlike Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Live, the livestream will not fail or lose data if the internet connection goes out. Instead, Parachute will catch up once the connection is back up and not a single frame of video will be lost. All your evidence is securely moved away from your phone so it’s kept safe even if your phone is lost, taken or destroyed. Read “How Parachute Protects You If Someone Grabs Your Phone”

Parachute records video discreetly by showing a blacked out screen instead of the video preview during recording. Parachute wipes all traces of evidence from the phone after it is securely moved off the phone so that even if someone gets a hold of the phone and attempts to read its data they will find nothing and will not be able to find your past incidents

Parachute does not badger you with annoying notifications, “helpful” reminders, ads and dirty tricks. We only send a maximum of 4 emails per year to let you know of major updates and you can opt out of these at any time. We make it very easy to cancel your membership anytime with one touch. Your emergency contacts can immediately view your incident in any browser, without wasting critical time to download an app or set up an account during an emergency. If Parachute crashes during a live emergency, we give you back everything you’ve paid us in the past year, so we share your pain and pay a high price for our mistakes

Forensic analysis reveals that Parachute is the only one of the top 20 safety apps that does not send customer information to data collection companies. We have championed privacy since day one. Read our plain-language privacy policy

Parachute keeps a detailed log of the progress of each automated alert sent out, showing when a text was delivered and when a call was picked up. When an alert fails to deliver, we make that very clear. While the incident is in progress, you can hold down the eye to view a quick summary of the alerts successfully sent out so you know if there are any issues

You can customize Parachute to fit your own needs by using the Emergency Notes to specify instructions to your emergency contacts. With the Phone Alert add-on you can customize the message your emergency contacts will hear when Parachute calls them, so they can hear your voice even if at the time of the incident you are not able to speak. We do not restrict your use of Parachute to a specific use case. You are free to use this in whatever way you see fit. Parachute is being used all around the world in a very diverse set of use cases

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