The Zero Breeze MarkII is one of the best known and most talked about portable air conditioners. I have included one of the best YouTube video reviews I have ever seen by Tiny House Expedition. I recommend you subscribe to their channel too.

The EcoFlow Wave is the newest, and most powerful entry into the portable air conditioner realm. It is also the most expensive, but if money is no object?

The only reason I am including this here is because it is so popular and heavily advertised everywhere. I personally have some of these in my home, and they work for very specific use cases in my home. Unfortunately, they are pretty worthless for use in a van.

There are many more knockoff brands out there, but personally I have found that generally they are not worth considering, so I chose not to include them here. If anyone can provide a unit they have found works well, please provide the information so we can share with others. An example is Amazon has a list of over 2,000 results for “portable air conditioners”. You would think some of those would have to work, right?