VanLife Repairs and Maintenance

You might be surprised at the maintenance tasks you can do yourself, if you are so inclined. There are videos on just about everything you can imagine about maintaining and repairing your rig yourself.

Even if you elect to have a shop do it, it is still useful to understand what and why something gets done, and make sure the work actaully gets done. I have heard horror stpories about people paying for service that was not even performed!

Excellent site for maintenance and repair on many vehicle types, including vans.

Got a stuck slider on Promaster? Check out No Limit Vanlife’s fix.

TPMS on Promaster Vans



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Newer models with UConnect

This is the most amazing and complete site I have found for information on many vehicles, and just about all systems for those vehicles. There are over 100,000 how-to manuals, videos, and much more, including the Ram Promaster line of Vans.

The link above takes you to the 2014-2019 Ram ProMaster 2500 Interior Fuse Check. You can use the upper right drop-down to select any vehicle you want, while on that page.