There are folks out there, who have done amazing van builds, with very few tools.

Do you need to buy your own?

Absolutely not, but most will argue that you need the right tool for the job, and you will want a toolkit in your rig to do minor repairs.

I especially wanted to share my own “Tool Story” because I quite accidentally found a side benefit I had not even thought of.

Keep your eyes peeled at your local Home Depot or other stores because the bundles go on sale all the time and offer smoking deals!

A note about tools

Something I discovered by accident, but I think is a cool thing to think about when you’re going to do a van build. What happened to me is I bought the first tool, a Ryobi circular saw. Then because of prices, I ended up buying more and more stuff from that Ryobi group. I bought a drill, saw, caulking gun, fans, lights, a soldering iron, and I am not done. A huge benefit is I can have this huge list of tools to pick from, but they all use the same battery. This is a huge space saver which is important in a Van. Of course, there are many other tool lines to choose from, but definitely, something to think about!

Recommendations for which brand is kind of personal and/or can be influenced by what you or someone you know already has. If requested I can provide links for every tool you would ever need, and where to buy them.