Steps to do a basic roof rack on the Promaster 2500 159WB High Top Van

SuperStrut, AKA Unistrut was my choice because it was cheaper than other solutions, easy to find and get parts for, and due to its design, it is perfect for adding accessories to it later. It has a tons of mounting holes and many hardware choices that let you install anything you can imagine, in just about any location. I really do not know what all I might want to add there, so this was perfect.

There are no holes to drill unless you are mounting anything with wiring that needs to go inside the rig. There is no cutting of the Superstrut either on the 159 WB Roof. If you do need to cut the material, I used a chop saw for mine and it worked fine.

Bolts and washers for mounting the Superstrut to the Unaka Gear Brackets.

Paint or coating of your choice, even though I did not paint mine, and they have held up well, I believe over time it will be better if they are painted.

6 Unaka Gear Brackets $42.00 Current Pricing for a pair at

Unaka Promaster Roof Rack Brackets – Set of 2.

My Roof had 8 of these for mounting to, and for a basic install you should only need 6 of those to install the 10 FT Superstrut Channels.

The Unaka Gear brackets simply slide onto the pre-installed mounting points as shown in the photos and the 2 bolts with washers will mount the SuperStruts to those. I also used a little bit of Loctite on the screw threads, as well as lock washers.

2 10 FT sections of Superstrut B-1400-HS – Currently $31.90 at Home Depot

10 ft. 14-Gauge Silver Electro-Galvanized Strut Channel

This is really all you need for the solar panels to be installed and if you choose to add the additional Superstruts like I did, it just takes a couple more of the Unaka brackets.

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  1. Just wanted to update you on the charging or wattage I was able to get into my Solar Batteries. The best I got so far is 545 Watts of input, so at least, I know now that both my panels are working great! I hooked mine up in Parallel because it is supposed to be better in shady environments. If you want more Voltage input, hook your up in series.

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