Moving Oasis Van Builders

Moving Oasis Van Builders


We’re Nathalie and Lillie. In 2020, we experienced our first Vanlife trip throughout the west coast of the USA to celebrate Nathalie’s graduation in her Masters in Architecture at UC Berkeley. We fell in love with the lifestyle and the freedom it brought us as many people experience. We started noticing different parts of the build we would change if we had our own, not thinking that would ever be a reality.

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Here is a really cool idea! I have seen questions from folks trying to get into vanlife, and looking for builders close to where they are. Well these 2, Jess and  Shawn, are offering to travel to you, with their trailer of tools they used for their build! How about that for convenience!

They can be found on Instagram Here or YouTube Here


Money no object? Want to build a “Trump Worthy” Van?

Find a Builder

Shopping for your build?

I have links here that you can find virtually anything you will ever need for a van build.

Even if you are not wanting a “Van Build” there are so many other ways you can travel now!

These are some of the top van build resources to help get you started.

Ideas and Tips, from Seasoned VanLifers…

Check out the VanTools Page for great information on whether or not you need to purchase tools.

Every VanLifer I talk to says the same thing. I have watched thousands of videos on VanBuilds. Even I am constantly searching YouTube and the Internet for ideas and inspiration. That being said, I will only put a few of the top builds I have come across in my thousands of hours because let’s face it, we can’t help ourselves and we all spend too much time watching and not doing!

The other reason is, things change very quickly, and sometimes the information you come across can be outdated.

You will find van build inspiration on everything from people with budgets of a few hundred dollars, to van builds costing $200K or more!

My personal favorite van builds for inspiration have been the people, especially women or couples who have never even picked up a tool in their life, and are able to build an amazing home on wheels.

2 of the top channels that will answer any question you might ever have about solar and/or solar generators. You can’t go wrong with these guys!

Van Insulation is a huge topic in van builds. It can be overwhelming and intimidating. I will share my own experiences with this and include links to some of the most knowledgable folks on this subject.

Build Your Own Van

I hesitate to list or recommend any builders just yet. I will build some sort of rating system to help folks find a reputable builder so you don’t get burned like some of the horror stories we have heard. Of course, this does not apply if you are building your own.

Purchase a Van

I created a page just for purchasing a van

I suggest you start there. I have listed the top 3 to get you going.

A van conversion mastery class

Turn your minivan into a camper with the conversion kit

A great source for information on builders, insurance, DIY and aftermarket, Rentals

Image by campingbil from Pixabay