Technology shaping our camping future

You can add more space for your adventures. or maybe you don’t want to go full-blown van build. Tent camping is another really great, and affordable way to travel, and with new technology, there are some amazing shelters anybody can find something that will work for them. In the old days, before computers, the internet, and smartphones, there was not a lot of technology available. Today we have the tech to help us navigate, find and connect to friends, provide security, record our adventures and share, and so much more! I will be posting information about all the technology we have found that is helpful for vanlifers that I have used and others share with us. I will cover many of these “Technology” advances to give you some ideas and inspiration, as well as tips on using some of this technology to help with your VanLife for things like planning your adventures, connecting with like-minded folks, and even keeping you safer.

Don’t forget to check out the Apps page-these fit the “Technology” genre too

Bet you are glad to be inside a van!