Most Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions that people have when starting on this journey. I will add to it, as the questions come up. If you have any questions, ASK AWAY! I am taking the time to locate YouTube videos to help answer these questions. It also has the benefit of always being up to date, make you think of things you might have missed, or taken a long time to think of.


How to get into the “VanLife”

How much does a van conversion cost?

How much will it cost to live this style?

What is your budget?

How can you get rid of pests?

Should you buy a used or new van?

Where can I buy a Van?

Is it scary to travel solo as a female and does it get lonely?

Will you need a workspace? And all that implies like internet, cell booster?

How much power will I need, and what kind?

Solar yes or no? Battery types?

Should you insulate and type?

How do you get water?

Do you want a bathroom? Also, toilet type?

How do you stay clean?

How can you stay healthy and Fit?

Do you need a shower?

Where can your park?

What about cooking and kitchen tips?

Should you travel with Pets?

Do you need heating and/or cooling?

Do you need a sink and water setup?

What about plumbing?

How do you ventilate your van?

Do you, or should you install roof racks?

What is better, propane and/or electric?

How do you earn money?

Refer or cooler?

What are the best bed options?

How do you deal with smells in such a small space?

Do you own the tools to build a van?

Do you worry your devices will drain your car battery?

How long to convert?

Is it safe to do this?

Is it legal to do this?

How do you get mail and packages?

What about traveling as a couple?

Can you do vanlife with kids?

Do you date?

Where do you go to the bathroom?

How to make sure nobody steals your stuff?

What about medical issues?

Sex and Vanlife?

What are the best apps for Vanlife?

What are some top tips?

Security in Vanlife?

Should you buy land?

What type of EBikes for vanlife?

Where do you dump your tanks in vanlife

How to deal with trash?

How should I wire my van?

Best solar for vanlife?

Do you need a generator for Vanlife?

What is your favorite vanlife destination

What are your favorite Vanlife Products?

What is the best way to design your van build?