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How to install a complete 4K Surround Sound System in your build.

4K Television Used

You have to at least look at these luxury builds!

Surround Sound System

If Trump Built A Van

The technology for putting a “Home Theater” in a van has come a long way from the days I originally had a 9 inch 12 volt tv in my first van. I thought it was so cool back then!

Most RV and Van builds would probably recommend a 12 volt TV for your system, for durability and power consumption, but the efficiency of 4K tv’s has gotten so good, I think they are worth considering. The following content is for you to experience 4K video, Spatial & Dolby Atmos Surround. I also included a couple of van builds and their systems they went with.

Here is someone who put a 4K system, with surround sound, in a narrowboat.

These are great tests to see if you are able to hear surround sound and also show why you might want it. It is AMAZING!


Some of these state 4K, but will display at resolutions that both your bandwidth and resolution are capable of.





If Trump built a van. I am pretty sure it would look like these!