VanLife Safety

a subject I wish we did not need!


Insuring your safety while living the VanLife.

There are many stories around Vanlife safety, regarding how to stay safe, what equipment can help keep you safe, and a lot more, when you’re camping or doing the van life.

I’m going to focus on trying to cover the most effective ways I have found to stay safe, and examples of what can be done, in an emergency situation.

Many of us are locked up inside of our rigs, and the most obvious thing that everybody can do is just leave when a situation comes up.

However, if you’re in a van like mine, where I can’t see outside, and I hear a noise, or there’s a ruckus going on, I need to put cameras in, so that when that happens, I have a way to see what’s going on, and make a more informed decision about an appropriate response, if one is even needed.

There have been many stories recently of theft and vandalism.

Most times folks get spooked only because you just don’t know what’s going on, and we all make something out worse than it really is.

When something happens, you should use whatever means you can to capture it, ideally with motion activated cameras, and lights. Sometimes that alone is enough to make them move to an easier target.

You could also use an app like parachute, to record the event. It is very difficult for most of us to remember all the details without these records.

Most smartphones have emergency features, but apps are better , and more useful in many more situations.

Imagine someone is trying to break in or just harass you, and you come on and announce something like-

“Warning!, You are being recorded, and this is being sent to the police”. Could be very effective, and all you would need to do.

Probably most would bug out just from that!

There’s a lot of scary, and horror stories, that people have shared, of their own situation that they’ve come across while camping, or doing the van life, and while those are legitimate, and everybody should know about them, you need to assess what you might do in that situation.

These situations are extremely rare. I have been doing the #VanLife, even before it was a thing, and I have really had no issues, ever. The primary thing I want to figure out, is what can we do, to catch the would be criminals, or would-be attackers, and provide better details, and lessons learned for others.

Don’t be that “I wish I would have” person!

Please provide your own thoughts and stories on this, and let’s do waht we can to make this lifestyle safer for all.


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It will never happen to me.

Stories to prove you wrong.